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Winchester Model 1892 .25/20 High Condition!

Winchester Model 1892 Sporting Rifle with 26 inch Round barrel .25-20wcf. The serial number of this rifle places date of manufacture in 1904. The Buffalo Bill Museum "worksheet" that will accompany this rifle provides the following description at the time it was shipped from Winchesters Warehouse: Model: 1892, Date into the Warehouse: May 11th, 1904, Type: Rifle; Caliber: .25/20, Barrel Shape: Round, Trigger: Plain, Date shipped from the Warehouse: May 21st, 1904, Order Number: 231836, Serial Number Application Ledger: Serial number applied on January 6th, 1904. Overall condition of this rifle is excellent. Barrel and Magazine have retained 90-95% of the original factory blue. The bore is bright and shiny. The bore will rate a 9.9 on a 1 to 10 scale. The receiver has retained approx. 90-95% of its original factory blue. The action is tight, smooth and mechanically perfect. Bright case colors remain on the Hammer and Trigger. Bright fire blue remains aon the Loading Gate. Wood to metal fit is perfect without any evidence of sanding. $35.00 shipping. Insurance will be additional. Pay-Pal is ok +3%... C&R license is OK with this one.


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